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Tuesday, 6 October 2009

First Scrapbook Page

A couple a years ago, stuck for what to give my MIL for Xmas, I decided upon a heritage scrapbook. She had a lot of old photographs loose in a carrier bag!! I managed to con her into letting me borrow them. They were all scanned into the computer after which, I was in charge of design and hubby - the computer wizardry!! This was the very first page in the book and the photo started as an A3 canvas with half the baby's face missing. We had to scan it in six different parts then hubby had the unenviable job of piecing it together, downsizing it and fixing baby! I was also in charge of surreptiously obtaining info from MIL about the photos. (Talk about mission impossible - ah but I was good - definetely my own mothers daughter!!). The papers are actually wallpaper samples. It was my first layout and I thank Mr Blogger for his support then and his 'blind eye' when I go craft shopping! Bless him!!!

Mel X


Pigmini said...

I see'd the book.... it's gorgeous.... get those Swiss Pictures on here!!


Karen said...

Great layout Mel and your blog looks great!!


Crafting Joanne said...

Can vouch for how fabulous this book is. LOL...I remember the mission you had getting all the info out of Doreen, but it was well worth the persistance.


Jo xx

Angel said...

This is stunning,
bet it was loved, sure it will be treasured, how lovely.
I plan to do a scrap book for my daughters 18th, in december, wish me
Hugs Angel