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Thursday, 5 November 2009

Christmas Scrapbook 2009

Morning everybody. It's well nippy here, there's even a ground frost. Have whacked the fire and the heating on this morning! Hope your all well and looking forward to the weekend. I'm collecting the motor from the garage today with Mr Blogger who's home for just one day!! The heaters all fixed so the car should get lovely and toasty on my early morning starts!!

My early New Year Resolution as you may know is to crack on and catch up with scrapping my photos. I just don't seem to have the time most of the time!! Well, this year I have a cunning plan. I bought an 8x8 chipboard album by Papermania and plan to scrap as Christmas rolls along this year!! I've already covered both the front and back covers. Here's the end result for the cover...

I've had a book of papers for at least two years and didn't want to cut them up cos I liked the too much (sad I know) . But I've set to and used it for the album. Each page inside has been covered with initial background paper from Hot of the Press Christmas Pack and the scraps I've stashed safely for later. All they need are photos and embellies! So within hours of the tree going up - I can have it scrapped. I plan to continue like this and cover all our Christmas activities and get togethers this year. Gosh I've never been so organised!

My two have already started their Christmas lists and they revisit them every other day just about, LOL!!! I have scrapped this as a double page LO using the inside cover and first page. I have a little container full of Xmas stickers, scraps of paper and things I've collected over the last few years and have now begun to put them to good use! I also enjoy using stamps on my LOs.

I love the 2nd part of the layout. At this point I was entertained by their conversation. They were oblivious to my presence and their discussion revolved around whether or not Ethan has been good enough NOT to be placed on the naughty list this year!!! He rounded it off by saying he would tell Santa that he had never been naughty on purpose or without good reason!! The letter and angels are stamps. The halo has slipped on the angel alongside the letter, appropriate I thought!! The angel in the bottom corner is placed on an envelope. When their final draft is complete, I plan to place inside a Wishlist Top Ten for each of them to look back on in years to come!

I hope you like it so far. Sorry for the picture quality, I couldn't get the exposure right!.

Please feel free to leave a post! Happy crafting and enjoy your day!

Mel X


Lesley said...

Great pages Mel! xx

Mandy said...

Hi Mel,
love the pages and the layouts..soo organised I haven't given christmas a thought yet but a certain katy has.. help!!

Mandy xx

Pigmini said...

I see'd this one!! Better 'in the flesh'!

Anonymous said...

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