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Sunday, 30 October 2011

What a Palaver!!!!!

Hiya everyone.  Just wanted to let ya all know I'm ok and back in blog land.  I had major laptop issues, mine kept crashing despite going in for repair.  For at least a month I've been unable to access my blog and therefore couldn't complete scheduled posts (that'll teach me for working ahead lol).

After what feels like an eternity the techy guys have admitted defeat and written off my old machine.  I collected my new laptop yesterday afternoon and I think I've just about got it set up now as I like it with all my trusted applications.  I've caught up on most of my DT blogging today and look forward to checking tomorrow with the rest of my friends.

Thank you for all your posts in the meantime and messages of concern, you're all very kind.

I'll be posting again next weekend as usual.


Mel X

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MARY B said...

Wellcome Back, Mary x