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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Cake Anyone??

Hello everyone.  I've been gradually dipping my toe in blogland after my long break and today I've given the blog a bit of an update, changed the background, had a clearout!!  The banner I wanted to match the background has driven me crackers today as it just REFUSED to centre itself and went all skew whiff!!  So for the first time, my header is naked rofl.   Not sure if I've finished faffing with the blog yet or not, more changes could be afoot!

I'm gonna try and post a bit more now and the content may vary a bit, thats a work in progress / suck it and see kind of approach lol. I'm rediscovering my love of papercrafting but during my break I've rediscovered an old love - baking!!  I think I'm addicted to making cupcakes!!!  Today I've been experimenting and have made some banana muffins - I can tell you the smell is just scrummy!!!

There were originally 12 muffins but some greedy goblins disguised as my children, Emily and Ethan snaffled them, aided and abetted by their father, Pete.  Young Harley dog was under the feet hoping for crumbs, I tell yer, this place is a madhouse - even cats Jess and Harry found a stool to sit and eye the booty!!    Here's a close up of one of the muffins....

I am currently experimenting with flavourings and getting the quantities right so my baking will likely be a regular feature in the future. The icing is toffee flavoured and is DELICIOUS, particularly with the banana sponge!!  The lickle yellow flowers were from one of the main superstores, I forget which.   I need to work on my display for blogging I think, more reason to keep baking (practice makes perfect rofl).

I have even managed to find a couple of challenges to enter these images but please feel free to exclude me from any prize draws as no papercrafting was involved lol.

City Crafter Challenge - Bake Sale 
 Emergency Crafters - Tea and Cake

Right, I'm off to bed, have a date with my new kindle!!  Gosh I'm a modern woman lol, though yet to read the 50 Shades etc books it seems every every woman I know has read (except my mum - phew rofl!).

Take care, thank you soo much for dropping by.  I really appreciate it.

Mel X


Ros Crawford said...

Ooooh! Yummy! ... I can smell them from here ... Thanks so much for sharing your skills with us at CCCB

Carole Z said...

Hi Mel, the cake looks really yummy. I'm not entirely sure it can be judged at Emergency Crafters, but I had a check on the rules and paper craft isn't specified...but thank you for joining in with a very original entry! XX

Stressed Stamper said...

I can smell them - yummy...Well I have not read the book either....not bothered about it either...apparently Peter Andrey is doing a male version of it which should be a laugh

Sandra H said...

Oh they look yummy xx

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Definitely yummy for real, thanks for playing along with us this week at CCCB!

Linda R said...

Oh Boy. Those look so yummy.. Thanks so much for playing along with us at CCCB!

Charlene said...

These look so good!!!!! Many thanks for sharing these cupcakes with us at cccb!!

Lucille K said...

Oh my word, these banana muffins look delicious. TY for sharing them with this fellow baker :)