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Sunday, 2 September 2012


Erro everyone.  My name is Harley and I hijacked puter to talk to yer.  Me muvver keeps going and faffing at her desk, which is ok, keeps muvver happy BUT what is not okay is I get covered wi 'orrible shiny glittery stuff as I like to sit as close as I can get.  I don't like looking like a fairy pup, it not a manly look and I not putting up wi it!! Oooh, and did I mention muvver sprays me with girly spray smelling stuff!!  She says it for dogs - well it not for me!!

Anyhoos, I got my own back yesterday.  She took me for a walk with the lickle hoomansl!!!!
  We came across a ditch which I normally never bothers with!!!!  I ran at it,  100mph I was going, Muvver called and said NO so I stopped dead in me paws.  Then I fought bout it for a second, need to show hooos boss and get rid of the 'orrible girly glitter  I turned looked right at muvver, grinned........then promptly went for it........ DIVED RIGHT IN!!!!

It was wet and smelly and yucky - BLISS!!

This was ME when we got back home - and muvver had cheek to put me in da boot on way home instead of in card next to my lickle hoomans - she best not do dat again or I leavin home!!

I got dunked in da baf after this which was orrible too,  I need to find somefink soft and smelly to roll in today!!  Best go quick cos muvvers coming, I try and come back in again and keep u up to date on re-training me muvver!!

Harley X


downrightcrafty said...

howling just perfect loved ya write up and such fabbie photo's

Kate x

jackiescrafts said...

Lolol thank you Mel you really made me smile

Jackie x

Sandra H said...

Oh Bless!! so so cute!! x

kath said...

oh harley you sure are a mucky pup but cute with it...hugs from buddy xxx

* Shaz * said...

Oh Harley you are adorable xx

Debs said...

OHHHHH so funny, I read it to my furbabes, but warned them NOT to try it for themselves, great photo's, the bottom one is my fave, what a woderful smile.
Hugs Debs